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Stay on top of your use with SmartHub

Check in regularly, or set up email notifications

If you want to track and manage your electric consumption even before you are billed for it, PEC puts the power in your hands with SmartHub. Log in using the app or web portal anytime to see how much electricity you’ve used for the month, or even a specific day

Stay on top of your use with SmartHub

Check in to keep track of how much energy your account is using, and you’ll never get taken by surprise by a bill. Wonder how the weather affects your bills? SmartHub has temperature data built in, and you can compare your current use to the same time from the previous year.

Communications from SmartHub are fully customizable. Receive a message when you have an upcoming bill or when you’ve used a certain amount of energy: Our system lets you choose how and when you hear from us.

Plus, SmartHub allows you to set energy email alerts. To set up your alerts, go to and select “Manage Notifications.” From there, create a usage alert to receive an email when you use more than a set amount of electricity. Thresholds are customizable.

In addition to these great features, SmartHub is also a convenient way to report an outage or pay your bill. Put the power in your hands with SmartHub.

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