Safety & Security

Stay safe at home

Electrical safety tips for working from home

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and we’re taking the opportunity to spread awareness about potential hazards that may exist in your home, especially as many people are working remotely. Reassessing your workspace to reduce risks will not only help ensure your safety, it will make for a more productive workspace!

Keep organized

Keep your cords and cables organized so they don’t become tripping hazards, and do not rely on extension cords for permanent use.


Unplugging your appliances when not in use reduces the risk of shock or electrical fire and can help save energy and money. Better yet, use a surge protector to easily turn off multiple devices with the flick of a switch.

Don’t overload outlets

Technology has put new demands on the home office, but it’s important to make sure you distribute the electric demand among different circuits. Do not chain power strips or surge protectors together to plug in more devices.

Mind your cords

Don’t run cords under rugs, doors, windows, or any other place that can cause them extra stress. Check your cords often for damage, and immediately replace any that show signs of wear.

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