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Weathering February’s ice storm

Behind the scenes with our crews

February’s winter weather brought with it unprecedented temperatures and extremely icy conditions. PEC’s lineworkers worked valiantly to restore power to every single member who had a weather-related outage. Many workers left their own families behind who were also without power or water. Here’s a glimpse at what the storm was like in the words of these hometown heroes.

“This was my first major ice storm as a lineman, and I’m glad we were able to help people during this historic storm. It was hard to leave my family when they needed me, but there were members who needed me more. I’m a proud PEC lineman and proud of all the guys that made the same choice to help others during this trying time.”
— Amos Baker, PEC regional operations supervisor, Oak Hill

“We got there, the lines were down, trees were everywhere, and it was the coldest we’ve ever felt! When we left, the members thanked us with tears in their eyes. That warms you up and keeps you motivated in times like this.”
— Eli Alvarez, PEC journeyworker, Liberty Hill

“I have a strong appreciation for our members, and we received a lot of thanks. The most memorable was hearing, ‘You’re doing so much more than getting the lights on…’”
— Michael Carrizales, PEC regional operations supervisor, Canyon Lake

“You just have to stay motivated regardless of how long you’ve worked. You have a purpose to help people and that keeps you going.”
— Wes Womack, PEC journeyworker, Marble Falls

“There’s no time to be cold, tired, or hungry — just keep moving. Keep getting the lights on.”
— DJ Cagle, PEC journeyworker, Junction

On February 23, the Texas State Senate adopted Senate Resolution 85 to honor lineworkers who responded admirably to the recent winter storm that caused millions to lose power.

Watch a video of the working conditions our lineworkers endured.