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Who owns what?

Know what equipment is owned and maintained by PEC

When it comes to your electric service, it is important to know what equipment belongs to you — the member — and what belongs to PEC. If issues arise with maintaining any of these components, knowing who owns what will help determine next steps.

When your power goes out, you should always check the breakers in your home before reporting it to PEC. Most homes have two breakers, one on the side of your meter and one inside your home in the main fuse box. If you reset them and your power is still off, it’s time to report your outage.

PEC can help determine if the problem is with our equipment or yours. Remember, PEC cannot perform any work on member-owned equipment. Instead, you should contact a certified electrician for help.



As a distribution cooperative, PEC also owns equipment that helps bring reliable power to your home, like the voltage transformers found in our substations. PEC does not generate electricity; instead we buy it wholesale on behalf of our members and operate and maintain the equipment needed to distribute it.

PEC knows that informed members make the best partners in helping maintain the reliability of our system. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about your electricity.