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Winter Storm Recap

Watch the CEO and COO board report

The PEC Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting Friday, February 26, at our headquarters in Johnson City. CEO Julie C. Parsley and COO Eddie Dauterive provided a joint cooperative update to the board on the historic storm event.

Watch the video to learn more about our storm response, and access the PowerPoint (PDF format) for a detailed timeline of events.

The catastrophic winter storm of February 2021 brought unprecedented challenges for PEC, our members, and the statewide electric grid. Thank you for weathering the storm with us. This page describes the cooperative’s response to the crisis, and serves as a resource to answer any  remaining questions members may have.

News Stories

The following is a chronological list of news stories posted to during the crisis:

See the storm through the eyes of PEC crews

On February 23, 2021, the Texas State Senate adopted Senate Resolution 85 to honor the frontline workers who responded admirably to the winter storm that caused millions to lose power.

“The electrical utility linemen who worked around the clock, day and night, through ice, snow, and freezing temperatures, as well as constant danger to their lives, deserve a resounding thank you from the entire state,” Texas State Senator Charles Schwertner said of the resolution.

We’re PEC Proud of the incredible job lineworkers and other crews did for our members during a very trying time. Watch the video, and hopefully you will be too.