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Our cooperative commitment to the community

Celebrating National Co-op Month, with a look at one PEC employee’s service beyond the job

Just like concern for community is built into the fabric of the cooperative business model, service is in Brown’s genes….

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Trick or treat

Unplug energy vampires and save

Trick: Use power strips Treat: Simply keeping electronics like game consoles in “standby mode” isn’t enough to stop energy vampires….

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Your fall planting guide

PEC expert shares tips for safe and optimal planting

Before you pick up your gardening shovel, PEC Vegetation Maintenance Supervisor Ryan Krause says, “Consider what’s located both above and…

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Hop on the energy-savings bus

Save this semester with tips from Wattson Raccoon

Turn off lights and fans Whenever you leave a room, remember to turn off lights and fans. Kids love games,…

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