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A lineworker’s work is never done

Celebrating the many roles of a lineworker

April 18 is National Lineman Appreciation Day, and we’re taking the opportunity to shine a light on the many jobs our lineworkers do to serve PEC members. Their important work goes beyond the dramatic storm restorations that we know them for. Every day, and some nights, our lineworkers go to work getting and keeping the lights on in a variety of ways.

Next time you see a lineworker, be sure to give them a high-five, a thank you, or a simple nod of appreciation.


Picture of lineworkers working to restore power in severe weather.

Lineworkers do a selfless and dangerous job, leaving their families at any time, in any weather, to serve their community. These first responders are our heroes, and when you need them most, they’ll step up to become yours as well.


Lineworkers working on adding power to new construction.

PEC is the largest electric cooperative in the nation and has experienced years of continuous record growth. Our teams constructed enough line in 2021 to stretch from Austin to El Paso — twice as many miles as they built in 2014, just eight years ago!


Lineworkers working on transmission lines.

The cooperative maintains over 300 miles of high-voltage transmission lines that bring electricity from power plants to our local substations. These specialized lineworkers handle maintenance and outages on the biggest, highest-voltage equipment in our system. Soon, PEC will expand into transmission operations, enhancing reliability and stabilizing costs for our members.


Picture of lineworker working on maintaining our equipment.

Working proactively every day maintaining our equipment keeps our system safe and reliable, so your power stays on, and our lineworkers spend their nights at home more often. Today, system maintenance never stops, and is both high tech and hands on.