Energy Savings

Get prepared for hot summer weather

Temperatures are high, but your bills don’t have to be

Hot weather is already here, and we want to help you use less electricity, so your bills don’t rise with the temperature. Offset some of the cost of running your air conditioner with these simple summer preparations.


Find and fix air leaks

Taking care of pesky air leaks could help you save up to 20% on your energy bill each year. Inside your home, check for gaps along the baseboards and your flooring, as well as spots where the wall and ceiling meet. Look for drafts in these common areas: around windows, doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, fireplace dampers, outlets, and switches. Once you find the leak, use caulk or weatherstripping to seal it.

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Give your HVAC a yearly checkup

Hire an HVAC technician to clean and inspect your unit at least once per year. They can help your air conditioner run efficiently this summer, and spotting problems now can help keep you from burning up later. You may want to replace it with a more efficient model if it’s more than 15 years old.

Look at your lighting

On average, 10% of your electric bill comes from lighting costs. Be sure to choose CFLs or LEDs. To save even more money, invest in sensors, dimmers, or timers — and most importantly, don’t forget to turn the lights off when you leave the room.  

Consider a smart thermostat

Buying and installing a smart thermostat can help cut your annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 10%.

Lower your water heater temperature

Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees, and install a timer to turn off the unit when it’s not in use.

Schedule a PEC energy audit

Have questions specific to your home you’d like to ask an expert? PEC’s energy advisers can help you maximize savings with a simple, over-the-phone energy audit. Call us at 888-554-4732 to schedule an appointment.