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Lineworkers earn chance to compete at state during PEC’s internal lineman’s rodeo

Safety and training on display in PEC skills competition

A cooperative-wide effort brought together hundreds for PEC’s internal lineman’s rodeo competition on April 5, where apprentices and journeyworkers put their skills to the test with a spot at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo on the line. Rodeo competition is an investment in the training and safety of our lineworkers and brings employees and members together in rooting for Team PEC.

“There’s a lot of team building going on out there as well as field coordination,” Chief Operations Officer Eddie Dauterive said. “You take that to the state and international level, there’s a lot of pride with these guys and what they do — and pride for the co-op.”

The internal rodeo included a host of events for journeyworker teams and apprentices. Journeyworker events included tool inspection, hurtman (injured worker) rescue, pole climb, transformer change, and insulator change. Apprentice events were tool inspection, a written test, hurtman rescue, pole climb, rope tie, and obstacle course.

Congratulations to those competing at the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo July 16, 2022, in Seguin!

Apprentices to compete at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

  1. Daniel Wilson- Cedar Park
  2. Crispen Davis – Canyon Lake
  3. Phillip Stapp – Junction
  4. Cole Compton – Cedar Park
  5. Andrew Vasquez – Kyle/Buda
  6. Zackery Gough – Cedar Park
  7. Justin Carbajal – Cedar Park
  8. Trevor Jones – Cedar Park
  9. Garrett Chaney – Kyle/Buda

Journeyworker teams to compete at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

  1. Darren Donhauser, David Hernandez, Jason Dean — Canyon Lake
  2. Justin Donovan, Neil Dodson, Michael Gonzalez — Oak Hill
  3. Caleb Brodock, Garrit Afman, Thomas Logan — Canyon Lake
  4. Cooper Johnson, Auston Shipley, Bryan Quick — Kyle