Safety & Security

PEC crew impresses with their tree-trimming service

Contribute to reliability by requesting free tree trimming from PEC

Trees growing near power lines are a major safety and reliability concern. We encourage members to report any limbs growing near our lines, so we can have an expert crew come trim them for free. That’s what PEC member Mary Boren did when they decided three oak trees that died in the 2020 freeze needed to come down. The Borens tackled the project themselves, but some of the limbs were too close to lines for them to trim safely.

Man trimming a tree safely from a bucket truck.

“Pedernales Electric Co-op is a perfect example of the Texas I know and love,” Boren said. She explained that the crew went above and beyond, not just trimming the branches away from the lines but removing the whole top of the tree at their request. “The man said they were glad to help because we were doing the work ourselves instead of hiring it out, though I have no doubt he was too kind to tell us it was because we’re old.”

Providing safe and reliable electricity is the core of our mission as a cooperative, and so is providing excellent customer service. We also care about your trees and plants! That’s why we have six certified arborists on staff. When you request service, you can be sure that our crews and contractors will treat you — and your trees — with care.