Energy Savings

PEC experts share gift ideas for saving energy around the house

Consider shopping for these energy-saving gadgets

With many of us being more conscious of our electricity bills during the summer, our PEC experts developed a list of great gift ideas that can save energy around the house. From power tools to electronics, read through our list to find the perfect gift. Then, spread the word to shift and save during Power Rush Hour® from 2-7 p.m.

Energy efficient gift ideas


ENERGY STAR® certified appliances or electronics

Whether it’s a mini-fridge, Smart TV, microwave, cordless power tool set, or battery charger — consider upgrading appliances or electronics to more energy-efficient models. ENERGY STAR-certified electronics use up to 30% less energy to stream compared to standard electronics.

A smart thermostat

Did you know that more than half of the average member’s electric bill comes from the HVAC? Help make the most of that energy with a smart thermostat. A $200 smart thermostat in a Central Texas home can pay for itself in two years. And, signing up for PEC’s SmartHub allows our member’s to track their energy use to save even more.

A gas or charcoal grill

For those with culinary skills, an outdoor grill is a great idea. By grilling, especially during Power Rush Hour from 2-7 p.m., they can make delicious meals without heating up the house.

An energy-efficient tower fan

Give the gift of extra cool! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fans can help people feel up to 4 degrees cooler. Just remind them to turn it off before they leaves the room, because fans cool people, not spaces.

Battery-powered lawn equipment

Unplug battery chargers after using them and avoid charging devices during Power Rush Hour, from 2-7 p.m. if possible.

An ENERGY STAR certified pool pump

This energy-efficient upgrade uses about 65% less energy than standard pumps and can save up to $445 a year in energy bills.

Advanced power strips

These will help protect devices from power surges and save energy and money. Power strips control power flow for multiple items at once with one switch. Plus, smart power strips can automatically cut off power when devices are in standby mode.

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