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PEC shows love for monarch butterflies

Cooperative launches youth education program to protect pollinators

PEC is teaming up with schools, parents, and educators, to teach young students about monarch butterflies and the importance of protecting them. Each year, millions of monarchs make their way across PEC’s 8,100 square-mile service territory. Through the cooperative’s new monarch youth education program, PEC will help students learn about these creatures that make up an important part of the Central Texas ecosystem.

“We’re proud to launch a new and exciting program that will help teach young children about the incredible monarch butterfly,” said Caroline Tinsley Porter, PEC’s community relations manager. “Together we can do our part to help these important pollinators thrive, so they’ll continue to be around for generations to come.”

Join the effort to help save monarchs!

The program provides free, hands-on educational materials, including videos, worksheets, lesson plans, tips for planting a pollinator plot, and more. Parents and educators can access these materials at

As a continuation of the co-op’s commitment to monarchs and preserving Central Texas resources, PEC has also planted five butterfly way stations to help monarchs along their migratory path. Two of these way stations, at PEC Headquarters, are certified by Monarch Watch — a nonprofit that aims to create, conserve, and protect monarch habitats across North America.

Members interested in planting a pollinator plot of their own can visit any PEC office to pick up a complimentary packet of pollinator seed mix in March. PEC also has tips for planting a pollinator plot available online at

Cities and entities interested in creating monarch-friendly plots can reach out to PEC experts at [email protected].