Energy Savings

Save like Santa

Keep electric bills merry and bright with tips from the North Pole

It’s winter year-round at Santa’s workshop, and with all the energy it takes to keep it warm and festive, he’s taught his elves that every bit of energy savings counts. Take notes to keep your electric bills on the nice list this season. Here are the top five ways Santa likes to save!

Santa points at text that says "Save like Santa".

He decorates with LEDs and sets timers.

Millions of lights adorn Santa’s workshop, so he only uses energy-efficient bulbs. LEDs not only save Santa 75% more energy than traditional bulbs, but they also last longer. For extra savings, Santa keeps his lights on a timer so they turn off automatically while he’s sleeping.

He wears layers under his suit.

Santa keeps his workshop at a comfortable 68 degrees. If he or his elves get cold, they bundle up with sweaters, blankets, hats, and gloves. Having lots of helpers in one space also makes the room feel warmer, so Santa can bump the temperature down a couple degrees without sacrificing comfort. Remember this tip if you’re hosting a large group of friends or family over the holidays.

He only uses ENERGY STAR® power tools.

It takes a lot of tools and time to make enough toys for every child in the world. That’s why Santa and his elves use ENERGY STAR® power tools. These cordless saws, screwdrivers, drills, and other tools use about 30% less energy than standard tools.

He gets his workshop winter-ready.

Before the holidays, Santa walks through his workshop and checks the weatherstripping on the doors and windows. He also looks around the window frames and baseboards, and seals gaps with caulk to lock in heat. Most importantly, Santa and his helpers make sure to enter and exit the workshop quickly, and shut the door tightly to keep cold air out.

He warms up by the fire.

After a long day’s work, Santa needs a break. He and Mrs. Claus like to unwind by the fire with a glass of warm milk and a plate full of cookies. When the fire is finished burning, they remember to close the fireplace damper to keep heat from escaping.

Bonus: When he’s not watching who’s naughty or nice, Santa keeps a close eye on PEC’s SmartHub to monitor his energy use. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. If you need assistance, call 888-554-4732 or visit

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