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Stay safe working from home

Electrical safety tips for working from home

Working remotely has become more common for many, but have you considered potential electrical hazards that could be present in your home workspace? Before diving into your email, read through our electrical safety tips below. Then, make any necessary changes to stay safe and productive all day long!

Don’t overload outlets

Technology has created new demands on the home office, just make sure you’re distributing the electric demand across different circuits. Never chain power strips or surge protectors together to plug in more devices.

Mind your cords

Don’t run cords under rugs, doors, windows, or anywhere that would cause them to get worn or damaged. Check your cords as often as possible for signs of wear and tear. Never use frayed or damaged cords, discard them instead.

Keep organized

Cords and cables should be organized and tucked away safely so they don’t become tripping hazards. Also, remember that extension cords should never be used as a permanent solution.


Unplugging small appliances when you’re not using them helps to lower risks of shock and electrical fire. This can also help you save energy and money. You can even try a surge protector to manage turning multiple devices on and off with the flick of a switch.

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