Press Release

Team PEC Shines at International Lineman’s Rodeo

Crew in blue brings home 10 awards

On October 15, Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) lineworker apprentices and journeyworker teams competed against the best in the world during the International Lineman’s Rodeo Competition. The event held just outside of Kansas City, drew more competitors than ever before with over 240 journeyworker teams and more than 360 teams of apprentices from across the globe.

Three journeyworker teams and five apprentices put their skills on the line for PEC. Together, they brought home 10 awards, including four first-place titles, for standout performances in the following categories.

  • First Place Overall Apprentice Best-of-the-Best, First Place Apprentice REA (Cooperative) Division, First Place Apprentice Written Test: Zackery Gough (Cedar Park)
  • First Place, Journeyworker Hurtman Rescue, Third Place in REA (Cooperative) Division: Caleb Brodock, Garrit Afman, Thomas Logan (Canyon Lake)
  • Second Place Overall Apprentice Best-of-the-Best, Second Place Apprentice REA (Cooperative) Division, Second Place Apprentice Written Test: Crispen Davis (Canyon Lake)
  • Third Place Apprentice REA (Cooperative) Division: Phillip Stapp (Junction)
  • Fifth Place Journeyworker Hurtman Rescue: Darren Donhauser, David Hernandez, Jason Dean (Canyon Lake)

PEC has competed in the international rodeo since 2010, and over the years has earned a solid reputation worldwide. PEC’s Director of Safety and Technical Training Brian Magott says the primary purpose of rodeo competition has always been safety. Providing motivation for lineworkers to develop safe-work skills and have a forum to display them is the goal.

“This year’s International competition was the biggest ever, and while we’re a large cooperative, we tend to outperform our size at these events,” said Magott. “Teams now recognize us when we pull up to compete and they know we’ll be tough to beat.”

Team PEC has built its culture of excellence through hard work and by investing in PEC’s Safety and Technical Training Center and apprenticeship program. As crews graduate out of competition, they continue to be involved through coaching, coordinating, judging, and mentoring. They pass on their passion and knowledge to the next generation. PEC crews have also maintained outstanding outage response times, even amid historic growth across the cooperative’s service area.

PEC Chief Operations Officer Eddie Dauterive said, “The cooperative’s commitment to safety and training has paid dividends not only in rodeo competition, but most importantly, in the field for our members. Day in and day out, I am amazed at the dedication and commitment to excellence our crews show each other and the cooperative.”

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