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Round up your bill for local nonprofits like the Johnson City Volunteer Fire Department

For less than $1 a month, you can help support local nonprofits by rounding up your bill through PEC’s Power of Change Program.

Together with other generous members, your donations can fund important projects at organizations that serve your community — like the Johnson City Volunteer Fire Department. They used a $5,000 PEC grant to purchase rescue equipment capable not only of changing lives, but saving them.

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Johnson City Volunteer Fire Department President Ray Bible has been with the department for almost three and a half decades. Like the other volunteers, he feels called to serve his community. When responding to emergencies, Ray and his team use their bravery, skills, and equipment to save lives.

“We have a great community around us, and it shows,” Bible said. “Whenever we’re in need, something happens and we’re able to get it done.”


Thanks to PEC members enrolled in Power of Change, they will soon have a new life-saving tool in their hands. They’ve used their $5,000 grant to purchase equipment capable of keeping their extrication tools fully charged on the truck during rescues. Keeping those tools charged will save time when cutting people out of vehicles — time that could very well be the difference between life and death.

 “Being in the position to get this grant thanks to community support is amazing to me,” Bible said. “Imagine what we could do for other organizations if everyone who could participate in this program did.”

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