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Apply or transfer service online!

New application process makes signing up for service faster

Are you looking to start or transfer electric service with PEC? You can now do so conveniently online.

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“We’re excited to provide our members with the convenience of an online form,” said Member Relations Engagement Supervisor Kelcey Fraser. “When you’re moving and you’ve got to set up the electric, gas, water, trash, internet, etc., it can take considerable time. With this new feature, members have the added flexibility to start or transfer service outside typical business hours.”

The application can be found online at, and is available for residential members who require one of the following services: initiating service for new members, transferring service to a new location, landlords ready to reconnect after a tenant has moved out, and adding a new location.

The application guides you through a few steps, including selecting the service address, providing identification and mailing information, choosing billing preferences, and selecting a service start date. For more information, go to If you prefer to call in, you can still do so Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.