Safety & Security

Be safe while swimming this summer

Use caution with electricity around water

Whether for swimming or watering the lawn, summer tends to come with more time around water. But as we start getting our yards and pools ready, it’s important to keep safety in mind before using certain tools and electronic devices. Water and electricity don’t mix, and we want you to have a fun and safe summer.

Have your pool inspected before summer starts

Ahead of your big pool party, make sure all the electrical equipment that runs your pool, hot tub, or spa is working safely. Hire a qualified electrician to inspect the equipment around your pool. If something needs to be upgraded or replaced, take immediate action to do so.

Keep appliances six feet away from pools

Be sure all electrical equipment, cords, and appliances are a proper distance away from water to avoid shock, and, when possible, avoid cord-connected devices and make the switch to battery-powered.

Look out for broken lights in a pool

If you’re swimming in someone else’s pool and notice a light that is not working properly or not covered, be sure to let the owner know immediately. It may be best to avoid swimming until it is fixed.

Take a “rain check” on that pool party when thunderstorms occur

We know you may have been waiting all year for that first pool party, but during the presence of lightning, it’s best to avoid the water. Put off swimming before, during, and immediately after thunderstorms.

Be aware of electronic devices when taking care of your lawn

When watering your plants or your grass, be aware of lawn equipment, power cords, or electric outlets that may be in your yard or on your porch. Be sure you have GFCI outlets installed outdoors and anywhere else you use water, and install a weatherproof outlet cover.

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