Being there for our members

Jay Sanchez helps neighbors in big and small ways

Jay Sanchez sees so many opportunities to help members through serving with Meals on Wheels and lending a helping hand where he can. He was featured in a previous story in 2022 when he and a few of his colleagues restored yards for elderly PEC members they had been serving meals to. Recently, he helped a woman in Johnson City restore a bird feeder that had been sitting in her shed for many years.

“I put it up for her, but it appeared to be falling apart quickly, so I took it home, did some repairs on it, and repainted it for her,” he said. “Now, every Tuesday when I deliver her meals, I fill it with birdseed so she can watch the birds from her home.”

Through their service, Sanchez and his coworkers have found that caring for our members in this way has benefited their spirit.

“I think I enjoy helping them more than they enjoy me doing it,” he said. “We do this because it’s in our hearts, and when you work for a company that allows and wants that, it’s an even better feeling.”