Safety & Security

Celebrate safely this Fourth of July

Keep power lines, transformers in mind when lighting fireworks

It’s hard to imagine the Fourth of July without fireworks, but it’s not a tradition that should be undertaken without caution. If you are going to set off a fireworks show this Independence Day, be sure to do so safely.

  • Use fireworks in open areas where no power lines are present.
  • If fireworks become tangled in power lines, call PEC immediately at 888-883-3379. If there is a fire, call 911.
  • Keep an eye out for pad-mounted transformers on the ground. These are large green boxes that typically sit on concrete slabs. They carry high-voltage electricity, so do not set off fireworks near them.
  • Keep kids and pets far away from fireworks.
  • Be sure to set them off in areas allowed by local ordinances, or attend a fireworks show that is put on by a professional.

These tips will help us all to have fun and be safe while watching fireworks this Independence Day. For more safety tips, visit