Energy Savings

Clean house to save more

Try these 10 tips for less clutter and energy use

The sun is shining and it’s time for some spring cleaning. With the mild temperatures and beautiful weather, our members often save more in energy costs because they rely less on heat and air conditioning.


Try these cleaning tips to save more on energy.

But there are some other things you can do to save more now and as the summer months roll in. Tidy up you home and try these DIY spring-cleaning projects!

  1. Get your HVAC serviced and change out filters

Before summer comes around, be sure to have your air conditioner checked and cleaned. An annual cleaning and professional evaluation can cut costs on your bill.

Checking your HVAC filters and changing them when they are dirty not only helps to reduce dust and allergens in your home, but it also helps your system run more efficiently.

  1. Don’t block your air vents

Let the air circulate through those air vents freely, and make sure furniture, boxes, or other items aren’t blocking them. Closing vents in unused rooms could cause your HVAC to work harder.

  1. Dust your home

A regular dusting around the house can help your electronics run better longer. Dust bunnies can block fans on your devices, which could lead to overheating and possibly ruin electronics.

While doing this, run that duster over the air vents. Cleaning dust and dander out of the vents can help make the air you breathe healthier for you and your family.

  1. Pay attention to plugs

If you really need to plug in multiple electronics, invest in a surge protector to avoid overloading your plugs. These are similar to power strips but protect your devices from power spikes.

Be sure to turn off surge protectors when you’re not using them, as this will help to prevent devices from drawing energy when they’re idle.

  1. Clean out the fridge

Defrost your freezers and refrigerators to avoid ice buildup. Ice accumulation on coils could force them to work harder. While doing so, don’t forget to check the seals on the doors to ensure they fit tightly and aren’t leaking air.

  1. Clean your windows

A cleaner window is not only more appealing to your friends and family, but it also helps to keep your home more energy efficient by helping the Low-Emissivity coatings and Low-E insulation to function properly. Not to mention, it also helps prevent damage to the window and protects air quality in your home.

  1. Clean out your oven

While it’s obvious that cleaning an oven helps keep your food cleaner, it could also keep your home more energy efficient. The less buildup there is inside an oven, the quicker it will be able to reach those higher temperatures, leading to more energy conservation. Spray the oven with a water and lemon juice mix to help break down grease. Then take a brush to remove the grime before rinsing with water.

  1. Wash the washing machine

This might sound like an oxymoron, but keeping a clean washing machine can help it to run more efficiently, saving you more on that energy bill each month. To wash a washing machine, run a cycle with vinegar, scrub the machine inside and out, then run a second cycle.

  1. Switch to energy-efficient lighting

Switching out those traditional bulbs for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can save the average household nearly $225 per year. Though these bulbs may be more costly up front, they will pay for themselves through reduced energy use and longer lifespan. LEDs can use up to 90% less electricity and last 25 times as long as an incandescent bulb. 

  1. Upgrade old appliances

Switching out those older appliances for new ones can save you more. Appliances with the ENERGY STAR® label can be up to 40% more efficient than standard appliances. And don’t forget, from May 27-29, you can purchase ENERGY STAR appliances without paying sales tax.

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