Energy Savings

Don’t let ghouls and goblins haunt your energy bill

Use these tips to stop Energy Vampires from haunting your home

While you’re at home minding your own business, you might not be aware of the energy vampires in the shadows. These energy drainers are feeding off your electronic devices and appliances, causing your electric bill to rise. To scare them away, try the following tips and tricks.

TRICK: Keep goblins away with power strips.

TREAT: Add power strips to items such as gaming consoles to stop goblins from stealing your electricity. Simply keeping your gaming console in “standby mode” isn’t enough to stop energy from exiting your home. Power strips can cut the flow of electricity by switching it off.


TRICK: Unplug electronics to stop the ghouls.

TREAT: Unplug electronics like laptops, amps, TVs, or cable boxes to stop the drainage of energy and see a decrease on your electric bill.


TRICK: Keep yourself from howling at next month’s bill by upgrading appliances.

TREAT: Inefficient appliances can increase your electric use behind the scenes. To stop energy waste, consider upgrading to more efficient appliances as needed. Look for the EnergyStar® logo to help maximize savings and monitor usage on the PEC SmartHub app.


TRICK: Turn off phantom fans and weatherstrip unsealed areas.

TREAT: You can clear out these ghosts by turning off fans when you leave the room, and you can keep drafts out by sealing air leaks with caulk or weatherstripping.


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