Filling the bucket for our schools

PEC has an educational program for every grade

PEC employees sprang into action this summer to donate more than 2,500 school supplies to students across our 8,100-square-mile service territory. School supplies typically cost about $200 per child, and PEC and its employees did their part to help ease the strain on families in our communities.

“The success of our cooperative lies in the success of our communities,” said PEC Community Outreach Specialist Mikayla Herron. “Supporting local students is an investment in the future we are proud to make.”

Colt Elementary in Marble Falls is among the many schools that received supplies that will touch the hands of thousands of children and ensure that all students have the necessary tools to fully participate in their education.

“We are so grateful that PEC supports our students! We have been fortunate to see PEC’s impact in our school district in a variety of ways over the years,” Colt Elementary Principal Melissa Fletcher said. “These acts of service from our community help our students develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of social responsibility.”

PEC offers a variety of important educational programs, from free resources on electricity for parents and teachers through EmpowerU to in-person visits with bucket trucks and lineworkers. PEC is happy to provide these learning opportunities for every grade level to our local schools, because we know the strength of our company lies in the power of our communities. It’s the cooperative difference.

Grades K-12
Free educational resources for parents, students, and teachers.

Camp Save-a-Watt
Grades K-3
Free online summer camp with optional in-person events.

Youth Tour
Grades 10-12
Sponsored summer trip to Washington, D.C.

PEC scholarships
Grade 12+
Scholarship opportunities for students’ continuing education.

Educators who would like to schedule an event with PEC are encouraged to contact us at [email protected]. If you’d like to learn more about available programs, visit