Helping communities overseas

Cody Cruise works with churches to bring resources to developing countries

Cody Cruise, a help desk technician at our headquarters in Johnson City, not only helps people in our service area but those in need around the world. He has been doing mission work overseas since he lived in Houston, where he became a member of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.

“My friend Sandra who had been doing this for over 30 years, invited me, and I started going back in 2006,” he said. “We helped install a computer lab for students in Jamaica then.”

He noticed a need in Jamaica and decided he would continue to go every year he was able. This year, he went to Runaway Bay in St. Ann, and Port Maria to provide sports equipment, and paint and repair churches and schools. He and other church members also held vacation Bible school for kids in Salem and Richmond, and hosted a “sports day” for children in Hampstead.

Every year when he returns, he feels a greater appreciation for where he lives and a greater calling to help those who haven’t been given the same fortune.

“Faith drives my commitment to help others because I’ve been given a lot,” Cruise said. “Hearing their stories impacts you internally. It’s neat to be able to help people and experience that.”

His goal is to continue taking a week to travel and serve people. Next year, he’ll be serving those grieving a lost loved one at Camp Agape in Marble Falls. He appreciates how supportive PEC is to its employees who give back.

“This co-op is a giving organization, and no one is self-centered,” he said. “I have received many donations from people in this co-op, and I’ve been very grateful because of it.”