Marbridge Foundation shows the power of opportunity

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The compassionate mission at Marbridge transforms lives through the power of opportunity. The foundation’s residential training and education programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities help clients be as independent as their abilities allow, giving them the opportunity to learn, experience, and achieve over their lifetime. Grants like the one they received from PEC’s Power of Change help make it all possible.

From building basic life skills in cooking class, to maintaining physical fitness in the athletic center where the grant paid for automatic sliding doors, Marbridge is a thought leader in empowering people with disabilities. They provide opportunities for their residents to work and play alongside non-disabled adults and even host an annual national symposium on their 200-acre campus.

“Thanks to the support of grants like these, we’re able to create change in our residents and their families’ lives while improving acceptance for a neurodiverse world,” Marbridge CEO Scott McAvoy said.

Because he’s seen the impact the program has had at his own organization, McAvoy encourages PEC members to join or donate to PEC’s Power of Change Program. With thousands of members giving just a little bit, small change turns into big opportunities for those in need.

“PEC’s Power of Change Program is truly a great cause,” McAvoy said.

What would you give to make a change?

For less than $1 a month, you can help support local nonprofits by rounding up your bill through PEC’s Power of Change Program.

Together with other generous members, your donations can fund important projects at organizations that serve your community — like the Marbridge Foundation. Their $5,000 PEC grant is literally opening new doors for their adult residents with intellectual disabilities — the grant was used to install automatic doors for their gym and wellness facility.

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