Press Release

Statement from Pedernales Electric Cooperative

On Thursday, May 25, Blanco County Judge Allan Garrett denied a request by Randy Klaus for Permanent Injunction to halt Pedernales Electric Cooperative’s 2023 Board of Directors Election. The signed order comes after a May 12 hearing in which both parties provided evidence, testimony, and argument.

The Court found that Randy Klaus’ lawsuit failed to bring a cause with any basis in law or fact, and instead came to the “Court with unclean hands, and attempted to use the cause and these proceedings to further his efforts to retaliate against certain PEC employees, members of the Board of Directors, and outside counsel for events that occurred in 2020 prior to his voluntary resignation as a PEC Director.”

PEC is pleased with the outcome and will continue to follow its ByLaws and policies for fair and transparent elections. Voting in the election for members in PEC’s Districts 2 and 3 is ongoing through June 9 at 5 p.m.