PEC Board of Directors Election

Members will vote for directors in districts 2 and 3

One of the unique benefits of being a PEC member is the power to vote for members of the board of directors! As a PEC member, our election is your chance to have a say in the cooperative’s leadership and direction. Members in districts 2 and 3 are eligible to vote for board directors in our 2023 election. 

Image showing the election timeline, which is detailed in text in the story below.

If your primary account is in district 2 or 3, and you are interested in running for the PEC Board of Directors, completed nomination packets are due at PEC headquarters by 5 p.m. on March 27. Your voting district is shown on your bill in the upper right corner. PEC recently rebalanced its district maps to ensure equitable representation of members across all districts. Click here to learn more.

Visit for more information on the 2023 election, including the ability to download nomination petition packets. 

Election FAQs

May all members of my household vote?

No. Only the registered PEC member may vote. Holders of joint memberships (such as spouses) have a single vote.

What if I have homes in multiple districts?

Your voting district is tied to the primary account associated with your PEC membership fee. The service location of that account determines your voting district, even if you have multiple homes. Your voting district is shown on your bill in the upper right corner.

What if I have residential and business accounts?

If your business is a sole proprietorship, you likely have one membership between accounts and one vote. If you own a corporation with a separate membership, you may have a separate vote associated with that account.

Can I change my voting district?

Members who have multiple meters located in different districts may change their voting district once every three years (the length of a full director term) by calling 888-554-4732. Please note, changing your voting district will also change the account associated with your membership fee.

Do candidates have my mailing address?

We don’t share our member mailing list with marketers, but we do share it with PEC director candidates upon request. To remove yourself from our membership mailing list, voter history list, and election email list, call 888-554-4732.

Interested in serving your community? Consider running for a PEC Board Director seat in the district where you live. This year, elections are for districts 2
and 3. See guidelines and materials at

Election timeline

January 17
Nomination materials made available to members

March 27
Nomination materials due by 5 p.m.

April 21
Approval of candidates on ballots

May 16
Voting opens

June 9
Voting ends (mailed ballots must be received by the elections services provider by 5 p.m.)

June 13
Election results released

June 16
PEC Annual Meeting: board directors seated