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PEC encourages members to prepare for storms

Purchase emergency supplies tax free this weekend, sign up for PEC emergency alerts    

PEC is encouraging members to stay safe and prepared for storms and this weekend is the perfect time to start. Building an emergency kit and signing up for PEC text alerts are two proactive steps members can take to stay safe and in-the know. The 2023 Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday runs from Saturday, April 22, through Monday, April 24, meaning many items are available to purchase tax free.

Eligible items include portable generators, smoke alarms, nonelectric can openers, coolers, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, phone chargers, flashlights, batteries, and more. Items may be purchased online, by phone, mail, or custom order. A full list of qualifying items and details are available online through the Texas Comptroller’s website.

Members can register to receive emergency text alerts by adding their mobile number to SmartHub or by calling us at 888-554-4732. Once registered, members with a PEC number on file can report an outage and receive outage updates by texting “outage” to “25022”. Learn how to update your contact information.