Safety & Security

Stay in a safety state of mind

May is Electrical Safety Month

Building and maintaining a safe electric system for our members is a core part of our mission as your cooperative. We prioritize your wellbeing in everything we do — but we need your help in keeping everyone safe. This Electrical Safety Month, follow these tips for keeping electricity safely contained in the circuits where it belongs.


Replace frayed wires
Check the wires of your electronics for damage and replace them before they can cause shock or fire.

Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)
GFCI outlets protect you from electrical shock, especially in areas where you use water.

Label your circuit breakers
Knowing what circuits are on which breakers can help when you need to shut power off in an emergency.

Never overload a circuit
If a circuit trips, don’t just reset it. Find out the cause and be sure you’re not drawing more electricity than the circuit can handle.

Use extension cords properly
Choose the right cord for the job; check the wattage rating for your cord and don’t exceed it. Only use extension cords temporarily.

Get your wiring checked
If your home is more than 40 years old or has issues like flickering lights or non-functioning outlets, hire a licensed electrician.

Help prevent electrical hazards! Keep these important safety practices in mind all year round and be sure to share them with your family. Find more safety tips at