Energy Savings

Sun setting on summertime

Thank you for shifting and saving during Power Rush Hour

PEC and Professor Volt want to thank all our members for shifting their energy use during this hot summer. But we also want to remind you that it isn’t over just yet. 

While you might be able to smell the fall leaves and the pumpkin spice lattes just over the hill, hot temperatures may continue through September. That means we still have one month of conservation. If you curb your energy use between the hours of 2-7 p.m. for just one more month, you can save money now and later. 

Use the following tips for summer savings! 

  • Bump your thermostat up a few degrees and close the shades to block the sun’s warmth between 2-7 p.m. 
  • Cool your home before 2 p.m. so you can stay comfortable while also lowering grid demand during peak hours. 
  • Use fans to feel up to four degrees cooler, but be sure to turn them off when you leave the room. Remember, fans cool people, not spaces. 
  • Put off doing your laundry or dishes until after 7 p.m. When you do wash, use cold water and air drying. 
  • Install a timer that turns your water heater off during hours you’re not likely to use hot water. 
  • If you have an electric vehicle, map out your car charging times. Avoid charging your car between the hours of 2-7 p.m. 

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