AMI – Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Pedernales Electric Cooperative has begun installing new meters across parts of its service territory and aims to complete the installation over the next couple of years. The new advanced system enables the cooperative to enhance system reliability by detecting outages quicker and perform several functions remotely, such as reading meters and reconnecting or disconnecting power.

Other benefits from the new system include:

  • Early power outage detection
    • The advanced meter will let our Control Center know automatically when an outage occurs at a specific location, allowing for improved restoration time
  • Increased service reliability
  • Enhanced interval usage read data
    • The improved level of usage detail for member analytics offers more timely usage reads
    • AMI metering infrastructure will allow for new rate structures that provide members more control over their bills
  • Reduced maintenance costs to the cooperative and our members

PEC has partnered with Allegiant Utility Services, a leading provider of meter and network services to exchange meters. If there is an issue at a location that prevents the contractors from installing the new meter, such as a locked gate or aggressive dog, a door hanger will be left with contact information for Allegiant. It is important to contact Allegiant to schedule a convenient time for them to return to replace the meter.