Trading Post to Cedar Valley Substations, Transmission Line Upgrades (T623)

PEC will rebuild and upgrade the existing 6.2-mile 138 kV transmission line that connects the Trading Post substation to the Cedar Valley substation. Upgrades are scheduled to begin in the fall of 2023 and are estimated to be completed by spring of 2024.

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the transmission line to meet the structural strength requirements outlined by the National Electrical Safety Code and increase the capacity of the transmission line. The upgrade includes replacing 6.2 miles of conductor and structures along the transmission line.

The new larger conductors will increase the capacity of the transmission system serving PEC members and other electric consumers in Central Texas. This project will help meet the area’s growing demand for electrical power, improve system reliability, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

The existing shield wire, which protects the transmission lines from lightning, will also be replaced with an optical ground wire to enable improved relay coordination and supervisory control of substations. The existing structures will be replaced with new steel monopoles that are typically 90-120 feet tall and have ground line diameters of approximately 5 feet. Some large-angle poles, generally used when the line shifts direction, can have ground line diameters of up to 12 feet and can be up to 120 feet above ground.