Energy-Saving Trees

Saving money and saving energy go hand in hand. Our innovative partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation helps you do both.

Energy-Saving Trees is a free program that shows you where to plant trees on your property to save the most on your energy bill — and then delivers a free tree right to your door. In less than 10 minutes and using your PEC member ID, you can claim your tree.

Our first 2,500 trees have been claimed, and our program is closed for the fall season. Please stay tuned for information if the program is re-opened.

Important Planting Tips

When you receive your tree from the Energy-Saving Trees program, you’re agreeing to plant it where you indicated on the interactive map. Not only will this location save the most on your electric bill, it’s also guaranteed to be safely away from our power lines and utility equipment.

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Call before you dig

Any time you’re planning to dig 16 inches or deeper, call 811 or sign in to the Texas811 website and submit your location at least 48 hours in advance, so operators providing services in your area can locate and mark underground lines. Not only will it keep you safe, it’s state law.

Energy-Saving Trees FAQs

Can a tree really help me save on my energy bill?

Absolutely! According to, trees shading the south side of your home can block 70-90 percent of sunlight hitting your walls, windows and roof and reduce air conditioning costs by 15-50 percent. Just remember to plant trees far enough from the house that they won’t disturb your foundation, and never plant them directly below power lines.

Do I need to be a member to get a tree?

The program is available to all PEC members, and you will need your member ID in order to reserve your tree — please keep it handy when you go online.

How many trees may I receive?

Each member may receive one free tree through the Energy-Saving Trees program.

What size are the trees, and how will they be delivered?

The potted trees distributed in the Energy-Saving Trees program will be 2-4 feet tall and shipped in a box right to your door.

When will sign-ups for free trees reopen?

Future plans regarding the program have not yet been announced. Please stay tuned for information if the program is re-opened.