Maintenance and Pruning

Safety and reliability are at the root of everything we do. Our ISA-certified tree care specialists keep trees and shrubs clear of power lines to prevent service interruptions, fires, and injury or death due to electric shock.

Right of way

We’re committed to providing reliable electric service to you, your neighbors, and your community, and to do that, we must maintain properly cleared and accessible rights of way around our lines and equipment.

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Tree trimming: what to expect

You can expect tree trimming to occur every three to five years. This interval is based on tree growth rates and the amount of clearance obtained from pruning. More frequent maintenance may be performed on faster growing trees.

In order to ensure reliable electric service, our crews may trim trees away from power lines.

Never trim trees near power lines!

Trimming trees near electrical equipment is dangerous — never do it yourself. Electricity can jump from the power lines to your body, your tools, or nearby branches, causing injury or even death.

If you see trees growing near our lines and facilities, request tree-care service online or call us at 888-554-4732, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. A service order will be issued, and a PEC utility forester will contact you and send a crew to safely clear the vegetation.

Oak wilt

Oak wilt is a fungal disease that can cause leaf discoloration and loss, wilting, or death in oak trees. The disease can be spread by improper pruning methods, insects, and contact between tree roots. Live oak trees will usually die within six months of infection.

Our utility foresters and staff protect against oak wilt by observing ISA standards and practicing proper pruning methods, including:

  • Trimming at the correct angle
  • Sanitizing trimming instruments with disinfectant before beginning work and when moving from one tree to the next
  • Sealing wounds on trees with limb sealant
  • Exercising awareness of how and when oak wilt spreads

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Vegetation maintenance standards

Learn how our team uses industry-wide standards to keep everyone safe.

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