Right of Way

Rights of way for distribution lines that carry power to homes and businesses are typically a minimum of 10 feet on each side of the lines, while rights of way to either side of our transmission lines range from 30 to 50 feet. We need this clearance to safely maneuver our large utility vehicles as we and our contractors work to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment.

If you receive service from us, you have granted easement rights to the cooperative. Do not build or place structures, locked gates, landscaping or other obstructions in the right of way. These can create safety hazards for our crews and slow or prevent maintenance, including power restoration, for you and those around you.

PEC truck driving.
When attached, pole trailers and utility trucks can be more than 85 feet long. It’s easy to see why we need plenty of room.
A properly cleared right of way provides plenty of space for our vehicles, employees and contractors to access the lines.
An improperly cleared right of way makes it difficult for crews to install, maintain and repair electrical equipment.