For Kids

It’s never too early to spark an interest in electrical safety! Keep children safe by sharing these tips.

  • Only plugs go into electrical outlets.
    • Never put your fingers or anything else into an electrical outlet.
  • Never pull out a plug by its cord.
  • Keep electricity and water far apart.
    • Don’t touch light switches or electric appliances when wet!
    • Don’t use or plug in electrical devices near a bathtub, sink or pool.
  • If you see broken cords or plugs, ask an adult to have them fixed.
  • Never play near power lines or electrical equipment.
    • Don’t fly kites by power lines.
    • Don’t climb trees near power lines, either — you could get shocked!
  • Never touch big, metal transformer boxes with warning signs.
  • Never put anything in your toaster besides bread.
  • Don’t climb the fence around an electrical substation.
    • If a toy such as a ball or kite falls inside, tell an adult.
  • Don’t swim or play outside during a thunderstorm.

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