Professor Volt’s Summer Survival Guide

Thriving through the heat is a science

The professor has returned from the lab with major discoveries that will help us through these smoldering summer days by minimizing how hard they hit our electric bills. Simmer down and study these tips from Professor Volt.

Professor Volt doing his summer-savings activities.

Get outside
Bump up the thermostat and head into the great outdoors! Professor Volt recommends going for a swim in the nearest body of water to cool off.

Get out of town
What could be better than a summer vacation? Escape the heat and give your HVAC a break while you’re gone.

Cook the cool way
The science is in: Using the oven or stove raises the temperature in your home, so your HVAC has to work harder to keep it cool. Salads, sandwiches, and slow-cooker meals are great alternatives. If you’re brave enough to weather the heat, get out there and grill up some grub.

Dry on the line
Laundry accounts for about 7% of your electric bill. Take it down a notch by washing your clothes in cold water and line drying them outside. Between the sun and the heat, they’ll be ready in no time.

Finesse the thermostat
Set it to a higher temperature when you’re home — we recommend at least 78 degrees — and turn it up even higher when you’re away. When it’s time to lower the temp, do so 2 degrees at a time.

Be your own biggest fan
Blow the summer blues away by switching on a fan when you’re in the room, and you’ll feel 4 degrees cooler. Be sure to switch it off when you leave — fans cool people, not spaces.

Made in the shade
Keep the sun out and the cool air in. Close your curtains, blinds, or shutters. Feeling like an overachiever? You can paint the walls facing the sun or even the roof white so they absorb less solar energy.

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