Vendor Information

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) works with vendors who provide products or services that allow us to perform efficiently and effectively throughout our various departments and districts. We acquire many products and services by issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for quotes (RFQs), which facilitates a bidding process. This helps ensure we obtain the needed supplies and services at favorable prices; achieve product and service suitability, safety and appropriate quality and receive reliable vendor performance.

The procurement and invoicing procedures section below provides information/instructions for both current and potential vendors.


RFI 2020-003 PEC Power Supply Renewable Offers February 2020

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative (“PEC”) has canceled the above-referenced RFI due to feedback from respondents regarding the short turn around for replies. PEC plans to re-issue a new RFP with an estimated release date of March 13, 2020, and a proposal due date of April 3, 2020.

Procurement & Invoicing Procedures

Vendor List 

The purchasing department maintains a list of vendors who have expressed an interest in doing business with PEC. The vendor list is a resource for internal requisitioners; however, being included on this list does not guarantee the notification of new RFPs/RFQs or the award of future work. Vendors interested in bidding on work should frequently review this webpage for bid solicitations. Vendors who provide goods/services that do not require competitive bidding may be contacted directly by a PEC requisitioner.

If you are a vendor who would like to be added to our vendor list, please email with the following information:

  • Official registered business name
  • Key contact’s name, direct phone and fax numbers, and email address
  • Physical address
  • Remit-to address
  • Main telephone and fax numbers
  • Website
  • Type(s) of products or services provided
  • Year established and number of years delivering the products or services specified
  • Previous experience with PEC, if any

Purchasing will periodically review the vendor list and remove vendors to whom PEC has not issued a payment within (2) consecutive years.

Competitive Bidding

PEC’s purchasing policy requires the following goods/services to be competitively bid:

  • A single good costing $5,000 or more
  • Bulk orders of the same item totaling $25,000 or more
  • Service order totaling $50,000 or more

PEC may, at its sole discretion, waive competitive bidding for certain transactions.

Vendor Requirements

The following information is required of all PEC vendors. The information should be submitted via email prior to beginning any services on PEC property and/or delivery of goods.

Vendors who participate in a PEC RFP/RFQ process will email the information to the purchasing department contact listed in the RFP/RFQ. Vendors with whom PEC places orders or procures services that do not go through an RFP/RFQ will email the information to

Safety Requirements

  • Protective personal equipment (PPE) shall be in accordance with labeling, OSHA, and industry standards.
  • DOT-regulated equipment must be adequate for the job and in compliance with DOT regulations.
  • All work shall be performed in compliance with all federal, state and OSHA safety standards.

Purchase Orders

  • PEC will issue a Purchase Order (PO) for goods and services as follows: Services with a total value of $10,000 or more:
    • Goods where an individual item is $5,000 or more;
    • PEC, at its sole discretion, requires a POs to be issued for goods/services
    • Services – No work shall commence without the issuance of a purchase order
  • Information contained on an invoice, packing slip, and service receipt should mirror the PO.
  • Goods should not be delivered, nor should services begin, prior to receipt of a PO.
  • Only goods and services listed on the PO should be delivered.
  • Any amendments to a PO’s scope, quantity or pricing will require approval from PEC before the related invoices can be processed.

Delivery of Goods

  • A packing slip is required with each shipment of goods and must contain the PEC PO number or the name of the PEC employee placing a verbal order. Please ensure these instructions are passed on to any third party carriers.
  • If a delivery location error occurs, PEC will require that you or your transport company pick up and deliver the goods to the correct location.

Receipt of Services

  • A service receipt should be provided to PEC at the time services are performed and should include information that mirrors the PO. If a verbal order was given, the document must provide a detailed description of the service(s) performed, hours worked and the name of the PEC employee who placed the verbal order.
  • PEC may provide you with a written confirmation that shows the services PEC has approved for invoicing.


  • All invoices must be sent directly to the accounts payable department either by mail or email:
    • Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.
      Attn: Accounts Payable Department
      P.O. Box 1
      Johnson City, TX 78636
  • Invoices should always contain either PEC’s PO number or the name of the PEC ordering employee as part of a verbal order number.
  • In order to prevent processing delays, invoices should mirror the PEC PO with regard to extended cost, quantity, item number, description, price, terms and etc.
  • No sales/use taxes should be included in invoiced costs as PEC is exempt from sales/use tax.
  • The invoice should clearly state “Invoice” on the face of the document. Documents with other titles such as “Billing Statement” or “Order” will not be considered invoices and will not be processed for payment.
  • PEC does not short pay invoices or alter invoice amounts with the exception of sales/use tax deductions. If a correction is required, PEC will request either a credit memo or a revised invoice.
  • PEC’s payment terms are Net 30.
  • Only one PO can be billed on an invoice, as PEC cannot process multiple-PO invoices.
  • PEC payments should be applied to the specific invoice(s) for which the payment was issued.
  • Vendors may not auto-apply invoice credits without prior approval from PEC.
  • An invoice will be required for all items shipped and returned. If replacement goods are shipped to PEC, a separate invoice will be required for each shipment of goods.
  • Invoices should not be generated and submitted to PEC until goods have been delivered and/or services have been satisfactorily performed.

Certificates of Liability Insurance

The purchasing department is responsible for receiving and imaging liability insurance certificates for qualified vendors. Vendors should forward certificates to the following address prior to delivery of goods and/or prior to performing work on PEC property:

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Attn: Purchasing Department
P.O. Box 1
Johnson City, Texas 78636

Vendors may not work on PEC property without submitting a current certificate of liability insurance. Please refer to the PEC liability insurance requirements.

New Product Introduction

Vendors must follow these steps to offer new and similar products to PEC for goods used in the distribution of electricity to members. Attempts to bypass the procedures herein may result in immediate disqualification of the vendor’s product for one year.

Note about tools: Commonly used tools that are not industry specific, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, etc., do not require this introduction process. However, specialized tools for the installation of equipment, such as hydraulic presses, clamps, hoists, etc., that may impact PEC’s ability to complete a job as designed must be introduced using these steps.

  1. Complete the New Product Application Form (PDF | Microsoft Word) and email it to along with other appropriate documentation. Incomplete forms are subject to disqualification.
  2. A purchasing employee will forward the form and attached documentation to PEC’s Standards Section or appropriate department, who will notify purchasing as to whether adding the vendor’s item to PEC’s approved products list is deemed beneficial to PEC.
  3. Purchasing will then notify the vendor. Additional documentation and/or samples may be requested at that time.
    The distributor who introduces a new product to PEC that is approved by the Standards Section, providing its cost is competitive, will be granted single source status for that product for a period of one year from the date of approval.

In the event the manufacturer’s representative introduces a product, the representative will be responsible for selecting the distributor, who will handle the product throughout the approval process. In these cases, the selected distributor will be subject to PEC’s application of Suspension of Consideration or Solicitation.

Suspension of Consideration or Solicitation

Future work or orders placed with an existing vendor may be suspended in the following situations. The suspension will be implemented for a minimum of one (1) year and may continue for such period of time as PEC deems necessary. After the suspension period expires, vendors may be reinstated to active status only after demonstrating their ability and commitment to perform responsibly. PEC will provide written notification of the reason(s) for the suspension.

  • Consistent failure to conform to contract specifications, terms and conditions.
  • Consistent failure to deliver products/services in the time specified on the contract.
  • Collusion with others to restrain competitive bidding.
  • Giving false or misleading information in bid proposals, including failure to keep offer firm for the length of time specified.
  • Failure to accept orders based on firm bids.
  • Failure to make adjustments or replacement of damaged goods or poorly executed services.
  • Failure to make good on warranties and guarantees on products/services delivered.
  • Bankruptcy or other evidence of insolvency.
  • Consistent violations of procedural requirements that were communicated to the vendor.