Water and Electricity do not Mix

Keep Safe with our Tips this Summer

Summer is hot in Texas, and when the temperatures start to rise, extra time in the water becomes more alluring. But before you dive into your pool or enjoy other water activities, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Water and electricity do not mix, and we want everyone to have a fun, refreshing, safe summer.

Test your GFCI outlets
If an electric device contacts water, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets will help protect you from the threat of death by electric shock. You’ll find most GFCI outlets where electricity and water could mix, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

GFCI outlets monitor the electricity flowing in and out of a product. If the electric current fluctuates, the outlet shuts the power off to prevent shock.

Test your GFCI outlets once a month. Plug in a nightlight and turn it on. Push the “Test” button; the light should go off. Push the “Reset” button to turn the light back on.

Keep appliances away from water

Be sure all electrical equipment, cords, and appliances are a proper distance away from water to avoid shock. When possible, avoid cord-connected appliances and make the switch to battery-powered.

Be aware of appliances when taking care of your lawn

When watering your plants or your grass, be aware of lawn equipment, power cords, or electric outlets that may be in your yard or on your porch. It’s best to move the equipment out of the way first. Install a weatherproof outlet cover before using the hose or sprinklers to avoid getting shocked. Be sure you have GFCI outlets installed outdoors and anywhere else you use water.

Get your pool inspected before you swim

Before kicking off the summer with a big pool party, make sure all electrical equipment that runs your pool, hot tub, or spa is working properly. Hire a qualified electrician to inspect the equipment around your pool. If something needs to be upgraded or replaced, take immediate action to do so.

Look out for broken lights in a pool

If you notice a light that is not working properly or is not covered in the pool, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible, or let the pool owner know immediately. It may be best to avoid swimming until it is fixed.

Take a “rain check” on water activities when thunderstorms occur

Summer storms can be a downer when you want to swim, but during the presence of lightning, it’s best to avoid the water. Put off swimming before, during, and immediately after thunderstorms.

For more safety tips this summer, go to pec.coop/safety.

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