Strategic Growth Discount

For more than 80 years, PEC’s electrical system has been the backbone of the Texas Hill Country, allowing our members to transform this beautiful region from sparsely populated ranchland to thriving communities. We are proud to partner with our communities to offer discounted rates to new commercial and industrial businesses purchasing more than 2,200,000 kilowatt hours of power annually.

Discount guidelines

  • The discount is applicable to Large Power and Industrial members with energy use of 2,200,000 kilowatt-hours to a single site.
  • The discount is available for no more than three (3) years.
  • The service location must have appropriate metering equipment to record actual energy consumption.
  • The member must have received economic development assistance, including but not limited to tax incentives or grants from cities, counties or other regional entities.
  • The member must enter into a five-year (5) agreement with PEC, which may include terms regarding minimum load requirements, purchase power requirements, metering data submissions, economic impact reporting and repayment provisions.

Pricing and availability

  • The discount will be applied to reduce PEC’s total costs for providing service at the new service location in the amounts and terms described per the agreement with PEC and the member.

Interested in participating?

Please fill out the form below or contact Tessa Schmidtzinsky via the contact information in the sidebar.