Large Power

Get started with our conventional rate for your commercial or industrial operation with a rolling 12-month average demand of 75 or more kilowatts (kW).

Rate Breakdown

Service Availability Charge $150
Capacity Delivery Charge
Secondary Level Service per kW
Primary Level Service per kW
Your capacity delivery charge will be calculated using the kW load established during your 15-minute period of maximum monthly use, but will not be less than 75 kW.
Delivery Charge per kWh
Secondary Level Service
Primary Level Service
Transmission Cost of Service per kWh $0.01256
Flat Rate Power Cost per kWh
Secondary Level Service
Primary Level Service
Secondary Level Service with Renewable
OR Time-of-Use Rate Power Cost Variable according to time and season.
Power Cost Adjustment per kWh
Secondary Level Service (Basic PCA)
-$0.01372 (credit)
Primary Level Service
Basic PCA x 98%
Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees.

Secondary Rate – The Secondary Rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) shall be provided for those members receiving service at secondary voltages less than 6 kilovolt (kV) at locations where the cooperative owns the transformation facilities.

Primary Rate – Primary Rate per kWh shall be provided for high voltage deliveries to the transformer at 6 kV or higher where the member has paid for the transformation facilities or where deliveries to the member are at 6 kV or higher. A delivery point meeting the above criteria shall be charged the Primary Rate whether the delivery is metered on the low side or the high side of the point of transformation. Meter readings from the low side transformation shall be adjusted for transformation losses.

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