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At PEC, we live, work in, and are a part of the communities we serve. It’s our responsibility to be a good neighbor as we fulfill our mission of providing low-cost, reliable electricity to our members.

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  • When operating a large fleet of vehicles, small practices can make a big difference. PEC fuels vehicles overnight, outside of the high-emission late morning period. And, keeping vehicles on a rigorous maintenance schedule helps reduce pollution.
  • PEC has eight electric vehicle charging docks at our offices in Johnson City and Marble Falls, providing employees and members new opportunities to reduce emissions. PEC has also introduced plug-in electric vehicles to our commercial fleet, and will review annually to decide if more should be added.
  • During the hot summer months from June to September, PEC uses our communications channels to encourage employees and members to conserve electricity usage — particularly on the days when electricity usage is highest. This includes a partnership with KVUE’s Project Green outreach and education initiative to encourage conserving energy and shifting energy use outside of peak times, which not only helps the environment but also helps protect the Texas electric grid.
  • Recently, PEC started reseeding easements with food plots that will save money by reducing the need to mow, while also benefiting animals and pollinating insects.
  • Our vegetation and system maintenance practices help reduce wildfires — and make it easier to fight them should they occur.
  • In 2019, PEC proactively launched efforts to help protect monarchs and voluntarily implemented solutions to benefit the environment, wildlife, and members long-term. These efforts include building a certified monarch butterfly way station at PEC’s headquarters in Johnson City, and providing free pollinator seed packets to members.

At PEC, we understand that different members have different priorities for their electric service, and we offer rates and programs to suit them all. If you are interested in making your energy consumption more environmentally friendly, review the options below.

Distributed generation (DG) interconnection

Our cooperative’s comprehensive DG interconnection program assists members interested in installing solar, batteries, or other on-site power solutions. For more information please visit the distributed generation page.

Community Solar Rate

This rate gives members the opportunity to purchase solar power generated in the PEC service territory at a rate that reflects development and program costs. For more information, please visit the Community Solar Rate page.

Time-of-Use Rate

PEC’s Time-of-Use Rate is a great option for members who are able to shift their energy use outside of high-demand times. Rather than a single flat rate, you pay different rates for electricity based on the time of day and season. Under the Time-of-Use Rate plan, when you use electricity is just as important as how much you use. For more information, please visit the Time-of-Use Rate plan page.

Renewable Energy Rider Rate

Our Renewable Energy Rider Rate ensures that energy billed to you is from a facility that relies exclusively on energy generated from renewable sources. For more information, please visit the Renewable Energy Rider Rate page.

PEC provides the information, tools, and programs members need to help save money through conserving energy.

Energy saving tips

A home that saves energy is a home that saves money. Take the power into your own hands — browse our collection of tips and tools to keep your home operating efficiently.

Residential energy audits

Use PEC’s online, interactive Home Efficiency Analysis Tool to find quick tips and fixes, designed around your space, to help you cut down on your energy and costs.

Normally, our energy advisors visit your home to provide energy-saving tips. However, in the midst of health and safety concerns, our experts can help by phone. Call 888-554-4732 to schedule your residential energy audit.