Monarch Butterfly Preservation

PEC is committed to preserving precious resources, including monarch butterflies and other pollinators that make up an important part of the Central Texas ecosystem. Each year, millions of monarchs make their way directly across our 8,100 square miles of service territory. To help them along their migratory path, PEC has planted three monarch butterfly way stations at various office locations across the cooperative. Two of these way stations, at PEC Headquarters, are certified by Monarch Watch — a nonprofit that aims to create, conserve, and protect monarch habitats across North America.

Monarchs travel through the Texas Hill Country each March, and again in September and October. During these times, you’ll see many of them stopping by PEC way stations to eat along their journey. Visit our way stations to see the butterflies at the following PEC offices:

  • PEC Headquarters (two, way stations)
  • Safety and Technical Training Center in Marble Falls

As we continue to create additional way stations at PEC sites, we are also partnering with our members and communities to join our efforts, by providing seeds and planting tips so they can build their own pollinator plots. Together with our members, we can make a difference to preserve generations of monarchs and help them thrive.

Monarch education

We know that by engaging our youth they can make a huge impact in helping to save our monarchs, so we’re partnering with area schools, parents, and educators. Access our free educational materials online today!