Large Power

Get started with our conventional rate for your commercial or industrial operation with a rolling 12-month average demand of 75 or more kilowatts (kW).

Important changes to this rate are being implemented January 1, 2022. The average demand threshold for this rate will be lowered to 50 kW or more, and in order to more accurately reflect the cost of service, the Large Power Rate schedule will be updated as shown below.

Rate Breakdown (Current-December 31, 2021)

Service Availability Charge $150
Delivery Charge per kWh $0.00885
Capacity Demand Charge per kW* $3.38
Transmission Cost of Service per kWh $0.01256
Flat Rate Power Cost per kWh $0.04550**
Time-of-Use Rate Power Cost Varies »

Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees.

* Your capacity demand charge will be calculated using the kW load established during your 15-minute period of maximum monthly use, but will not be less than 75 kW.

** Effective March 1, 2021, the Flat Rate Power Cost will be reduced to $0.04450.

Rate Breakdown (Beginning January 1, 2022)

Service Availability Charge $150
Peak Demand Charge per kW $5.00
Transmission Cost of Service per kW Varies (Approximately $5.00*)
Base Power Charge per kWh Varies by time of use.

Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees.

* Transmission Cost of Service is set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) based on costs to be recovered. The rate provided is PEC’s estimate of the rate beginning January 2022. The actual rate is recalculated monthly by the PUC.

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