Cooperative Solar Rate

Solar within your reach. No matter where you live or what your energy needs, we’re committed to helping you power your life on your terms. If you’ve been considering installing solar panels, but you rent your home or live in an area with dense shade, we’ve got an option just for you.

We’re developing a series of distributed solar generation sites, which will generate up to 15 megawatts (MW) of power, across our service territory with Renewable Energy Systems America, and our new Cooperative Solar Rate gives you the opportunity to subscribe to a portion of the energy from these facilities (up to 100 percent of your average 12-month energy use) for a 24-month period.

The rate is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is subject to total current solar output capacity. Cooperative Solar Rate applications are now being accepted, with rate effective Feb. 1, 2018.

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Current Rates

Applicable to Residential and Farm/Ranch, Small Power and Large Power members only. Interconnected members and members on our Time-of-Use Rate are not eligible. Your monthly bill will be the sum of the below charges plus any applicable fees.

Monthly Service Availability Charge As per the otherwise applicable tariff
Delivery Charge per kWh $0.02712
Solar Power Cost per kWh $0.05608

Cooperative Solar Rate at a Glance

  • Availability is subject to total current solar output capacity.
  • Rate is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Enrolled accounts subscribe to a portion of the energy production.
  • Members may enroll up to 100 percent of average monthly electric use based on last 12 months’ billing.
  • Subscription requires a $15 application fee and 24-month commitment period.
  • Rate is available for Residential and Farm/Ranch, Large Power and Small Power members. Water Well, Industrial and Power Plant Start Power members are not eligible to enroll in the rate, nor are Time-of-Use Rate subscribers or interconnected members.

Production from Solar Generation Sites

Throughout the course of a year, production from solar generation facilities will vary. This means that the Cooperative Solar Rate’s monthly production will fluctuate.

Major reasons for variable production are:

  • Weather: Sunny days will lead to more production from solar facilities.
  • Season: Shorter days throughout the winter months lead to less production.
  • Time of day: The sun peaks during the middle of the day, usually around noon. When the sun isn’t out, facilities aren’t generating power.
  • Sun angle: When the sun is directly above solar panels, its intensity is greater and therefore leads to more generation.

The solar generation sites that support this rate will be mounted on an axis to track the sun. This raises their efficiency by more than 20 percent. The chart below outlines the solar facility’s projected generation throughout the year based on the expected availability of 15 MW.

Diagram showing estimated cooperative solar production throughout a year
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Cooperative Solar Rate Billing: What to Expect

This example highlights what you can expect throughout an average year on the Cooperative Solar Rate. Please keep in mind that some months will see more output from our solar facilities than others. Monthly electric use will vary throughout the year as well.

Chart showing estimated cooperative solar use throughout a year
Click or tap the image for a larger view.

The examples below illustrate monthly charges under the residential eSaver and Cooperative Solar Rate at two different months of the year (May and November). The energy use on each example refers to the average monthly solar production chart above.

May Bill Example

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November Bill Example

Click or tap the image for a larger view.

Building a Powerful Energy Portfolio

The Cooperative Solar Rate plays an important role in our energy portfolio. Solar significantly helps us diversify our energy mix and enables us to not become dependent on a single source of energy. Our ability to source from diverse and competitive sources allows us to ensure the best possible rates for our members.

Additionally, the solar generation sites that support this program will provide power during peak times in the summer, significantly helping offset peak demand. Learn more »

Growing & Benefiting Together: The Cooperative Way

Just like PEC is for the members and by the members, this power is by the cooperative and for the cooperative: a buy-local approach that benefits everyone. Because when you do better, we do too. Here’s how Cooperative Solar makes us all stronger:

How members benefit
The Cooperative Solar Rate offers members choice and an alternative to rooftop solar. It’s affordable and requires no upfront investments or contracts, with minimal commitment and flexible terms.

How PEC benefits
The Cooperative Solar Rate embraces the cooperative spirit, showcasing our commitment to leverage beneficial technologies. In addition, it helps offset peak demand with solar generation and diversifies our power supply mix, minimizing exposure to peak power pricing and supporting high reliability.

The Enrollment Process: How it Works

  1. Enrollment form
    Begin the enrollment process by completing the online form, which asks for your contact and account information. Please note that you must specify each account you wish to enroll in the rate.
  2. Account verification and rate offer
    Once you have submitted your form, we will verify your account information and energy use history to calculate the portion of solar capacity you will be able to subscribe to. If the rate option is available, we will send an enrollment offer back to you with the specific details for your account(s).
  3. Rate offer acceptance and member confirmation
    Once you receive your enrollment offer, you will confirm or reduce the portion of your average monthly energy that you wish to obtain from this rate. This will kick off our account configuration process and ensure you are set up for billing starting Feb. 1, 2018  to receive your first solar allocation within one-to-two bill cycles.

Waiting list
If you submit an enrollment form and are informed that we have reached our sign-up limit, you will be placed on a waiting list and receive regular communication on availability as well as your place in line.