System Interconnection Process

Before you install your generation equipment, please completely review the process below to ensure a safe and successful interconnection.

  1. Ensure you are in compliance with:
    • PEC policy (section 600)
    • Extension conditions (see section 400 if an extension of PEC’s facilities is required)
    • Applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations
  2. Complete the application for interconnection, including:
    • A signed and uploaded copy of the Agreement for Interconnection
    • A one-line diagram (view an example) showing the electrical design of the generating installation, including the equipment you plan to interconnect with our system
    • A completed checklist used to verify new installations
  3. Wait for our approval of your application
  4. Complete your installation
    • Be sure to install a disconnect switch, warning/safety labels and other protective equipment that is required to protect our staff, equipment and operations.
    • You may turn on your system briefly for testing, but it must otherwise remain off until it has been verified and approved by us.
  5. Notify PEC of completion
      • Don’t energize your generation equipment until our staff has tested and verified the installation.
      • Email [email protected]. For a quicker response, please follow these steps:
        • In the subject line, include the word “Verification”
        • In the body of the email, provide your installation/service address, account number and the name on your PEC account
  6. Wait for verification
    • A PEC energy service advisor will contact you to schedule a site visit to check your installation’s disconnect and safety features.
    • If an issue is found, you may not interconnect or initiate parallel operation until it is corrected and written notification has been provided to us at least 10 days in advance of interconnection or parallel operation.
  7. Approval
    • After the disconnect and safety features have been reviewed and approved, a PEC representative will sign the Interconnection Agreement and notify you of approval.


The cooperative disclaims any expertise or special knowledge related to the design or performance of generating installations and does not warrant the efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety, durability or reliability of power-generating installations.

If you move from the location of the interconnection, you will need to notify us of your intent to move from the property.

In addition, please notify us when increasing the size of an existing generation facility.