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MyUse Energy AnalyzerWatch. Reduce. Save.

Sign up for MyUse Energy Analyzer and you’ll have the power to monitor your electric use and monthly costs, which can help you use less electricity, conserve natural resources, and recognize and change costly habits.

Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Every time you log on to the PEC Member Portal and download your MyUse Energy Analyzer reports, you’ll see your daily electric use in both kilowatt-hours (kwh) and dollars. It’s a clear snapshot of your energy use that helps pinpoint where potential savings exist.

There are three types of reports available in MyUse:

  • Unbilled Use Report provides an overview based on the best available daily meter readings since your last bill.
  • Billed Use Report displays daily use readings recorded during the prior completed billing period.
  • Historical Use Report displays monthly totals recorded during the most recent 13 months of billed electric use.

Each report is available to download in a PDF format best suited for printing, or a comma-separated values (CSV) format that can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel for more detailed analysis.

MyUse Energy Analyzer is available to all residential and small power commercial PEC members.

Preview a MyUse Report

Download a sample MyUse Report and see how easy it is to monitor the electricity you use each day, which can help you find ways to use less and reduce your monthly bill.

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