Residential Rates

Residential rates

With a mission to provide safe, reliable power at a low cost, our goal is to ensure PEC members get the best value for their dollar. As a nonprofit cooperative, PEC sets our rates as close as possible to the cost of service and does not earn a profit.

Cost Breakdown Rate
Service Availability Charge $22.50
Delivery Charge per kWh $0.028405
Transmission Cost of Service per kWh $0.015458
Base Power Cost per kWh
Time-of-Use Rate Power Cost
Auto Pay Credit* -$1.50
Paperless Billing Credit -$1.00

Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees. If you’re interested in the Time-of-Use Rate, learn more here to determine if it’s right for you.

* Bank draft only

Rate calculator

Use this helpful tool to estimate your monthly bill. This calculator only provides an estimate; actual bills may vary.

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Your estimated monthly cost.

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Activity Rate Estimated Cost
Service Availability Charge
Delivery Charge
Base Power Cost
TCOS Pass-Through Charge
Auto Pay Credit
Paperless Billing
Power of Change

Your estimated monthly cost

You may live in a city that charges a franchise fee or city tax to utilities. Franchise fees are negotiated between each city and utility and are passed through to PEC members on their bills. If you live in a city that charges a franchise fee, you will see this as an additional line item on your bill.

Time-of-Use Rate

Our Time-of-Use Rate can help you save money if you’re able to reduce your energy use during peak times when electricity prices are highest or shift energy use to off-peak periods when electricity prices are lowest. Learn more.

Payment plans

Take control of your electric bill with our payment plans, available to residential and farm/ranch members who have no balance due and have at least 12 months of satisfactory billing history at the same location. You may enroll through your account, and payments under either plan begin with the first bill rendered after enrollment.

You’ll pay a fixed amount each month based on the average electric use at your location during the 12 months before the plan starts. We will review your account periodically to determine if the plan should be reset to help prevent an excessive annual correction. View a sample bill here.

Your payment is calculated based on the rolling 12-month use average at your location. Unlike the Fixed Payment Plan, your bills will not be the same amount every month, nor will an annual correction be applied. View a sample bill here.

Prepaid payment option

Pay as you go. This option allows you to pay for service before charges are incurred, eliminating late payment and reconnection fees. You can refill your account balance on SmartHub, by phone, by mail, or at a PEC Secure Pay Station. Eligibility requirements apply — contact us to learn more.

Looking for power from renewable sources?

Would you like to power your home or business with 100% renewable energy? Our Renewable Energy Rider Rate lets you go green with the check of a box. 

If you are considering a distributed generation (DG) installation, such as residential solar, we can help you make the best decision for yourself and walk you through the requirements.

This rate gives members the opportunity to purchase solar power generated in the PEC service territory.