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Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) partners with vendors to provide the cooperative with high-quality goods and/or services that allow us to perform efficiently and effectively throughout our various departments and districts. We are committed to strategically acquiring goods and services that provide the best value for the benefit of our members. We expect all vendors to provide PEC with reasonable prices, compliance with our standards and specifications, a strong commitment to safety and quality control, as well as reliable and on-time performance. We acquire many products and services by issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for quotes (RFQs), which facilitates a competitive procurement process.

Please review the sections below for information and instructions applicable to both current and prospective vendors.


PEC’s procurement policy requires goods and services costing over $10,000 to be competitively bid. PEC may, at its sole discretion, waive competitive bidding for certain transactions.

Our goal is to make doing business with PEC a great experience.

The Procurement Department now uses Bonfire, an online vendor registration, e-procurement, and contract management solution. The system allows vendors to register to do business with PEC, receive instant notification of bidding opportunities, submit bids and proposals electronically, and update contract documents online. Here’s what this best-in-class sourcing platform offers:

  • No charge to register
  • Automatically receive notifications by email of posted bids and amendments
  • Communicate with our procurement team during the bid and RFX question and answer period through the online message center
  • Complete and submit your bid or proposal response online
  • Available 24 hours with internet access


Bonfire is ranked as one of the easiest bidding tools to use in the market and account set up for prospective vendors can be completed in minutes. Registration is free and a “premium subscription” is not required for PEC opportunities. Vendors are required to register on Bonfire in order to create their profile and immediately have access to download solicitations. The Bonfire system stores a list of vendors who have expressed an interest in doing business with PEC. The vendor list is a resource for internal requisitioners. Being included on this list does not guarantee the notification of new RFPs or RFQs, or the award of future work. Vendors interested in bidding on work with PEC should register on Bonfire and frequently review this webpage for solicitations. Vendors who provide goods or services that do not require competitive bidding may be contacted directly by a PEC requisitioner.


View open opportunities on Bonfire.

RSS Open Public Opportunities
  • Reference #: RFP-2024-1171. Name: Engineering Services (Substation, Transmission Design & Planning, Pole Inventory, and Distribution) June 7, 2024
    Description: PEC's Engineering Department through this request for supplier qualification ("RFSQ") seeks qualifications from qualified persons or entities ("Offeror") interested in providing substation, transmission, pole contacts and distribution engineering services which may include, but are not limited to, complete detailed designs for planning, maintenance, repair, alteration, extension, conversion, or modernization of existing buildings or facilities, […]
  • Reference #: RFP-2024-1169. Name: Managed Security Service Provider May 15, 2024
    Description: Through this request for proposal ("RFP") PEC seeks proposals ("Proposals") from qualified persons or entities ("Respondents") interested in providing security services where they will continuously manage the security information and events generated by key devices at the perimeter and within the PEC IT infrastructure. The firm will be able to correlate the information from […]

Purchase orders

  • PEC will issue a Purchase Order (PO) for goods and services covered by a written contract or if the total value is $10,000 or more
  • Goods should not be delivered, nor should services begin, prior to receipt of a PO.
  • Information contained on an invoice, packing slip, and service receipt should mirror the PO.
  • Only goods and services listed on the PO should be delivered.
  • Any amendments to a PO’s scope, quantity or pricing will require written approval from PEC before the related invoices can be processed.


  • All invoices must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department either by mail or email: [email protected]
  • Invoices should always contain PEC’s PO number.
  • In order to prevent processing delays, invoices should mirror the PEC PO with regard to extended cost, quantity, item number, description, price, terms, etc.
  • No sales/use taxes should be included in invoiced costs as PEC is exempt from sales/use tax.
  • The invoice should clearly state “Invoice” on the face of the document. Documents with other titles such as “Billing Statement” or “Order” will not be considered invoices and will not be processed for payment.
  • PEC does not short pay invoices or alter invoice amounts with the exception of sales/use tax deductions. If a correction is required, PEC will request either a credit memo or a revised invoice.
  • PEC’s payment terms are Net 30, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • Only one PO can be billed on an invoice, as PEC cannot process multiple-PO invoices.
  • PEC payments should be applied to the specific invoice(s) for which the payment was issued.
  • Vendors may not auto-apply invoice credits without prior approval from PEC.
  • An invoice will be required for all items shipped and returned. If replacement goods are shipped to PEC, a separate invoice will be required for each shipment of goods.
  • Invoices should not be generated and submitted to PEC until goods have been delivered and/or services have been satisfactorily performed.

Certificates of liability insurance

The Procurement Department is responsible for maintaining liability insurance certificates for qualified vendors. Vendors must email a current insurance certificate to [email protected] prior to delivery of goods and/or prior to performing work for PEC. Insurance certificates shall list the certificate holder as Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. Vendors may not work on PEC property or on PEC’s electrical system or easements (including but not limited to, distribution, transmission, substation, solar, vegetation maintenance, or system maintenance) without submitting a current certificate of liability insurance which meets PEC liability insurance requirements.

Safety requirements

  • Protective personal equipment (PPE) shall be in accordance with labeling, OSHA, and industry standards.
  • DOT-regulated equipment must be adequate for the job and in compliance with DOT regulations.
  • All work shall be performed in compliance with all federal, state, and OSHA safety standards.

Tax registration requirement

Vendor is required to be registered in good standing with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. You can verify your status here.

Vendor Code of Conduct

PEC expects Vendors to adhere to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, exhibit integrity and ethical behavior, maintain a strong commitment to safety and quality control, as well as be reliable and provide on-time performance. By accepting any purchase order and/or contract from PEC, under their respective terms, the Vendor acknowledges its acceptance of the Vendor Code of Conduct and agrees to comply with its requirements.

View PEC’s Vendor Code of Conduct.

New electric distribution product introduction

Vendors offering new and/or updated products for use in the distribution of electricity to members must receive approval from PEC’s Standards Committee. Attempts to bypass this approval and/or the procedures herein may result in disqualification of the vendor’s product. To receive approval, vendors must complete the New Product Application for Vendors form (Microsoft Word) and email it to [email protected] along with other documentation requested in the application. Incomplete forms will not be considered. The Standards Committee will then evaluate the application and communicate a determination to the vendor and PEC’s Procurement Department. Additional documentation and/or samples may be requested at that time.

In the event the manufacturer’s representative introduces a product, the representative will be responsible for selecting the distributor, who will handle the product throughout the approval process.

Commonly used tools that are not industry specific, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, etc., do not require this approval process. However, specialized tools for the installation of equipment, such as hydraulic presses, clamps, hoists, etc., that may impact PEC’s ability to complete a job as designed, must be introduced using this approval process.

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Register with Bonfire

The Procurement Department uses Bonfire, an online vendor registration, e-procurement, and contract management solution.

Vendors are required to register and create a free profile. Once registered with Bonfire, you will immediately have access to download solicitations.

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  • Visit Bonfire website and click on the blue Help button to search help topics or leave a message with the Bonfire support team
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