Youth Programs

From school presentations about electrical safety to our annual scholarship program, we’re active in supporting education and opportunity for Central Texas youth.


A series of electricity-focused educational programming we are making available for free to students and teachers.

Camp Save-a-Watt

PEC’s free, online summer camp teaches our youngest members the importance of energy conservation with Wattson Raccoon and PEC experts.

Scholarship Program

We’re proud to offer $100,000 in annual scholarships to eligible area high school and home-schooled seniors as well as PEC members seeking to advance their education as adults.

Youth Tour

Teens learn about cooperatives and democracy on an all-expenses-paid trip to the heart of it all: Washington, D.C.

Monarch Butterfly Education

Teaching students and educators the importance of preserving monarch butterflies through free, hands-on educational materials.

Safety for Kids

It’s never too early to spark an interest in electrical safety! Keep children safe by sharing these tips.